What clients say

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp and Fennemiek Gommer

 Caracta Business Innovation

As Caracta we design strategic learning programs around complex issues, and then we often approach Peter to create a 'pivot' in the development process. With regard to a complex social issue in the social domain about better cooperation, the words had now run out and the intended approach and solution were far away. Peter is like no other able to make the core of complexity visible and tangible through the language of dance. He generates insights for all parties involved that are and remain a good reference for another conversation, possible solutions and the necessary movement among the people themselves.

Martijne Rensen

Director CELEVT and Trauma Academie

CELEVT Congress 14-10-2021: Fantastic reflection in Dance and Spoken Word by Drs. Peter Rombouts change expert, management consultant and three-time world champion Argentine Tango. On Thursday 14 October last, Peter Rombouts gave a reflection in word and movement on what happened in the congress at a number of moments during the 8th CELEVT Congress “When words fail, the traumatized body in therapy”. He translated what he heard, saw and experienced into a spoken word and into dance in an extremely empathetic and involved way. In this way he gave wordless space to appear in an artistic form. We thought it was a great success and are honored to have worked with Peter. He received standing applause from the full hall of GGZ practitioners! Let's express the wish for a growing collaboration between Peter and CELEVT with a further merging of art and science around early trauma.

Jarno Butter

Leadershipteam AW Groep

Because The Curiosophy Collective advocates a dialogical, holistic approach, we approached them to guide us on a connection day with our leadership team. We are also used to looking and working from a holistic vision. We wanted to develop ourselves in conducting the dialogue in order to be more

generative as a team and thus to be meaningful together as a team for the whole.
Based on an extensive inquiry of what was going on, Peter Rombouts was introduced to us as the facilitator of our day. During this day we worked together on an in-depth level to make things that played beneath the surface visible in. Peter helped us move what was stuck. After this day, we as a team have become connected at a deeper level and fewer things disappear below the surface. We now share our challenges at an individual level in the team, which ensures even more understanding and connection. We have continued to work with the principles of dialogue and are now applying this as a basis in the team.

Suzanne Leclaire


The Curiosophy Collective

Peter brings essence. Miraculously. While doing. In silent observation during a conference, in dialogue with your team or listening in a conversation. Along the way, he comes to essence. His dance expresses the movement, which has not yet been given space. His words give tone to what lies beneath the surface. In all the organizations and places I went with Peter, I saw what he left behind. The flawless exposure of what lives. And the beginning of a new way of working.

Marja Beumer

Founder and CEO Projob B.V.

Some things you shouldn't talk about. Any word about Peter's "work" would invalidate it in some way. Being able to experience it is so intense, unique and pure that I wish everyone to experience this. Especially in organizations and within teams, this is definitely a movement that can provide clarifying insights that we may not have experienced before. Perhaps still elusive for some, but as far as I'm concerned, a movement that is distinctive and provides insights into something that has often been hidden under the iceberg for a long time. I wish everyone the journey to that undercurrent so that we can understand each other better and move forward with new insights.

Jan Andreae

Founder Jan Andreae en Partners

In his work in which he has combined change management, organizational advice and the art of dance, unique interventions arise. Interventions in which intelligence and intuition go hand in hand. Interventions that have a depth and sometimes go beyond the words. The most special thing about his method, which has been polished over the years, is that it offers every participant a healing perspective.

Siets Bakker

Author Moving Questions

Working with Peter is a discovery, a journey and a great pleasure, all at the same time. Peter puts his knowledge, his dance and perhaps more at the disposal of what is ready to be seen, for those who watch. He invites you to be a part, to feel and to give meaning together.

Roek Lips

Nieuwe Leiders and Co-founder

De Ontwikkelgroep

Following the New Leaders inspiration session, Peter took care of the afternoon program in his own special way at the leadership two days of the Dimence group. A beautiful and sometimes confrontational gift for people who want to investigate what is really of value.

Hilda de Reeder

Opleidingsmanager Summerschool Leiderschap Sioo

Every year Peter provides a unique, unforgettable and irreplaceable part in Sioo's Summer School Leadership. I feel privileged to work with him. With his special talent for getting to the core of the participants' issues very quickly (and subsequently helping to set these issues in motion through his non-linguistic intervention through dance), creating a safe learning contact by approaching everyone without prejudice and openly, an unforgettable and penetrating experience for me as a supervisor, as well as for the participants themselves. I can only say: allow yourself, your team, your organization to work with Peter!

Jan Pieter van Lieshout

Founder Sensetrans B.V.

I recommend Peter Rombouts to leaders who, by virtue of their position, are responsible for (a part(s) of) the future of the world. Why? I'll be happy to explain.

Responsible leaders have known since time immemorial that they must avoid stagnation and decline. In order to be innovative and enterprising, they took advice from visionary artists. After all, they had the creative mind to think 'out of the box'. The most gifted among them had the intuitive ability to sense where society was growing. They visualized what was needed to create and realize a new worldview. Also in the 21st century there are special people who have the guts to express themselves in an inspiring way about the future that we have to shape. Peter Rombouts is one of them.

In an inimitable way he has discovered -in himself- an instrument with which he helps leaders to gain a profound insight into the coherence of things. Peter does not shy away from confrontation when it comes to uncovering habits and processes that stagnate progress. Everyone who sees him at work becomes silent inside. It is that silence from which Peter gives voice to the transition that awaits us. His revealing dance is like the vibration of butterfly wings that can cause a hurricane.

That is why I recommend him as a distinctive and inspiring advisor to the future explorers and (world) leaders of our time, both in the public domain and in business. Worldwide, of course, that is his territory. He has already proven himself three times as world champion.

Leanne Steeghs

Systemische teamcoach en trainer

After years I saw Peter at work again. And how! A woman - formerly a dancer, now a trainer - hesitantly took a seat next to him. She talked about her desire to give dance a place in her work, but she didn't know where to start… Peter invited her to dance her question with him. She accepted. The spectacle that ensued was thrilling and moving at the same time. We saw and felt how the pilot flame of her desire grew into a fire dance of pure passion. By connecting with the untapped potential of the woman and 'turning her on' in the dance, Peter sparked a collective desire in the entire audience. Namely the desire and the courage to manifest your full potential in the world. Without restraint.

Sarah Huang

Founder and faciltator Bureau Twist

Peter has the exceptional ability to 'capture' what sometimes words cannot express. He joined an online meeting with up to 90 participants on MS Teams. This meeting was the conclusion of an intense internal process of dialogue within the framework of #blm that I was allowed to supervise. Peter observed, listened and felt through the screens what was needed and translated the information with his artistic interpretation. The result is two reflections in the form of a poem and a dance. You could hear a pin drop during his performance, so breathless and mesmerized we listened and watched the performance. An emotionally, rationally and relationally complex issue requires interventions that are able to touch multiple layers. With his background in change management and dance, Peter knows how to bring these multiple layers together.

'Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.' - Thomas Merton

Lia Genee

Founder Passerel B.V. and Centre for Systemic Leadership

Working with Peter on a question or theme is an in-depth approach and comes to the essence.
Peter integrates his knowledge & skills from organizational advice and systemic work with the world of dance and presents your question/theme with dance in a 3 dimensional image and experience. Peter puts himself at stake as the most important resource in the service of your question. It is palpable how this wanting to be meaningful, based on his inner intention, gives each question more depth.
In the dance he examines your question beyond your repetitive thoughts and experiences.
Through the language of dance, Peter offers a space where your question can be understood in the context of your question and in connection with parts that are part of your question.
He makes you aware of your question again in an experience with heart & head and shows you space, where there is possibility for a different and/or new movement.
In practice.

Marre Walter

Directeur Beheerautoriteit Waddenzee

Sharp, with humor. When Peter arrives, he brings peace and quiet, asks questions and listens with all of his senses. Within no time – without any judgement – he comes to the essence of the problem. Peter brings new perspectives and movement. I found working with him was incredibly valuable.