Myy work is based on a method I call a Dance Dialogue. A conversation which includes the wordless of movement and then retrieves what this shows. Here you can read more about Dance Dialogue as a method.

What is a Dance Dialogue?

The starting point is a question, theme, fascination or issue. After a short conversation about this, I ask the question: "Can I dance the question?". Then I stand up and let my body move so that a moving image of the question arises. In moving I investigate, observe, feel and listen to what my body has to say. Then I sit down and let the words come and I invite everyone present to also give words to the experience. Not infrequently this leads to statements and sentences of unprecedented beauty and wisdom that lay a deeper layer under the work on the issue or assignment. A Dance Dialogue can also be done with a number of professional dancers under my guidance.

"If you don't get ground under your feet in your job, you have to learn to fly."

What is the result of a Dance Dialogue?

The response is often that it makes a deep impression which people also remember for a long time. The experience touches multiple layers of consciousness simultaneously, making it a multi-layered, in-depth intervention with the potential to lead to breakthroughs.

A Dance Dialogue lasts for a long time. It doesn't put a period or exclamation mark but can keep you thinking and feeling for days, weeks, months. It puts things in a different light and lessons can be learned from there. New starting points are found for acting and deciding. In addition to the experience of the movement, shared meaning is created in the form of sentences that make sense. These sentences give direction to making deeper values ​​explicit and to gaining insight into one's own choices, decision-making and perspectives.

Not infrequently, a Dance Dialogue is a wake-up call with regard to our full potential. Many people are reminded that they are and can be more than they are addressed in professional contexts. 

" What this time needs is for us to love against the common direction."

Five reasons to work with the

Dance Dialogue Method?

There are several reasons to do a Dance Dialogue.

The first is that many issues are too complex to just talk and think about. Our talking and thinking always has a reducing effect, cuts up and is not well able to see the connection. A Dance Dialogue shows the whole and goes directly to where the movement is.

Secondly, a Dance Dialogue offers counter-force to existing patterns. What remains hidden in the words becomes immediately visible in movement. Systems can only change if they can see themselves. A Dance Dialogue lets stakeholders look at their own system and implicite patterns.

The third reason is that as humans we have forgotten to use and deploy our full repertoire of intelligences. In addition to thinking power, feeling is an important source of information, but also our potential of physical knowledge, social knowledge, material knowledge, systemic knowledge, action knowledge.

The fourth reason is that as human beings we are not only homo economicus who acts rationally and look for profit optimization. But that we are also playing beings (homo ludens), narrating beings (homo narrans) and making beings (homo faber). We all have creative power within us, only often this is turned off. 

Finally. The most profound experiences of beauty, humanity and meaningfulness escape our words. They show themselves in the relationship with others through an embodied presence and expression. 

"How do you, as a director, stay close to the people? By never forgetting how great the small contact is."